Living Meditation

Our meditation practice is not separate from the actions of living our life. And living fully is the meditation practice. So living and meditating are one thing: living meditation. If there is separation of any kind, it is not yet correct practice. Living Meditation is interconnected living. And interconnected living relies on Awareness. 

Living meditation is full awareness of the present moment. It is completely inclusive, but not attached to experience. This awareness has no center and no edges. It is vast and intimate at the same time. 

It is a presence without any agenda. A relaxed awareness that has enough concentration to maintain it. 

Without this living meditation we fall into separation, and become dependent on concept, thinking and judgment. With meditation we rely on Awareness and can skillfully access thinking when it is needed. But our Living Meditation Practice transforms our thinking and concepts, and, increasingly, we think from the perspective of interconnectedness, with all of its implications, intuitions and insights.  

From this perspective we see and understand that everything we do affects everything. All actions of body, speech and mind interact with the deep web of interconnectedness. So we see that there’s nothing ‘extra’ we need to do beyond maintain a living meditation practice. If we need to do something more, it will manifest to be done, and we will know. 

And from these insights our actions will manifest as helpful, effective, compassionate and harmonious. 

When we live from this perspective and in this way, we are open to everything, life is full and spacious, and we can embrace all of it as it appears, changes, flows. We see that there is beauty in all of it, because any part is also the whole. Nothing is excluded nor less than anything else. We see that everything that happens must happen exactly that way because there are precisely the right conditions for it to manifest. And we see that whatever appears will also change in the flow of now. Our Living Meditation practice takes care of us so that we are more and more comfortable in this unpredictable flow of life. 

Life can only overwhelm us when we separate from it. Interconnected living eliminates the fundamental problem of conflict with the flow of life, and diminishes the suffering of anxiety, stress, anger and disappointment. Presence makes life full and vivid. Awareness is clarity and connection. When we practice and live in this way, we transform and heal ourselves, our fellow practitioners and all other life. Our life is deep and complete. Living Meditation is interconnected living.